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Welcome to K& K's photo gallery. Here You will find photos of some our smoked meat products, the smoking and packaging process and photos of Georgia and Florida events and festivals where we exhibit and sample our smoked country sausage, butts, country ham, and smoked turkey. Give us a call and find when we will be at an event near you.

We are always happy to show off our products, we take a great deal of pride and time to bring these top quality smoked meats to your table. On this page you will find mouth watering photos of our featured products.

Our country pork sausage is made from our family's generations old, southern recipes. Our country ham is made only from the highest quality center cut meat. Our smoked turkey and Boston butts, well you just can't find any better anywhere. Take a look, then give us a call or shop online to place your order today.

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Packed Smokeed Sausage

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Come and sample our smoked meat products at Georgia and Florida events and festivals.

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